Kitchen Equipment

Wok Cooking Table

Rear or Front Gutter "Flued" Wok Table ( with Jet or Chimney Burner)
Rear or Front Gutter "Non-Flued" Wok (with Standard Burner)

Features / Specifications:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Full length water cooling
  • Jet / Chimney / Twin ring burners
  • 14" or 17" heavy duty cast iron wok rings
  • Pilots and flame failure as standard for all burners
  • Removable condiment shelf
  • Telescopic laundry arm
  • Full length splashback
  • Silt bin

High Capacity Boiling Burner

Full stainless steel exterior

Heavy duty steel exterior

On stand with shelf under or bench model 


Features / Specifications

  • Cast iron trivets and burners
  • Flame failure control to all burners

Char Grills

Also available: Combination Char Grill & Grill Char Broilers

Features / Specifications

  • Various size char grills 
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Cast iron burners and grates
  • Flame Failure control to all burners
  • Bench model or with stand made to suit

Griller Toaster & Grill Plates

Available as combination grill  with toaster or grill plate only

Available with either mild steel plate or cast iron plate

With stand for all models  or bench model (grill plate only models)

Varous size grill plates

Features / Specifications

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Flame failure controls to burners
  • Large grease bin
  • One piece moulded cast iron plate machine ground

High Capacity Deep Fryer

High volume large fryer pans
Designed with the operator in mind

Features / Specifications

  • Extra high pans for high capacity and high volume operations
  • Gold contact thermostats for quick response
  • Heat exchange pan fitted to all fryers
  • Drainer rack at rear for Seafood style fryers (WFS models)
  • Restaurant style fryers with hanging rail for baskets (WRF models)

Asian Style Stockpot Unit

WTL Series
Designed to suit your specific requirements Cast iron ring
Stainless steel exterior

Features / Specifications

  • 17" wok rings
  • High splashback
  • Laundry arm
  • Heavy duty angle iron construction
  • 28 Jet duckbill  burner – 180mj/h (WTL/17 models)     18 Jet duckbill burner - 135mj/h (WTL/14 models)
  • Wok ring reducer trivet for smaller pots (Optional)

Stock Pot Unit

SPS & SPB Series
High Capacity Stock Pot Unit designed to suit your specific requirements
Stainless steel exterior
Cast iron trivet
High Splashback (SPS models)
No Splashback (SPB models)

Features / Specifications

  • Laundry arm (SPS models only)
  • 60 mj/h twin ring burner with inner & outer ring fully adjustable to high and low flame

Domestic Wok

Big Flame
Light-weight / Movable
Stainless steel body

Features / Specifications

  • 32 mj burner
  • Pilot and flame failure as standard
  • Drop in bench/ bench model / with stand to suit

Cha Siew Oven Ranges

Available models:

4 burner or 6 burner on top with oven under

600mm or 900mm grill plate on top with oven under

Combination of burners & grill on top with oven under


Feature/ specification

  • Heavy duty construction
  • U shape oven burner
  • Easy cleaning oven
  • Removable oven bottom tray
  • Non-clog top burners

Hot Food Bars

(Standard sectional details of flat/ curved Glass)

The Hot Food Bars are available in five standard sizes. They are designed to hold food at the optimum temperature whilst displaying food at its best. All sizes are available with straight or curved glass. Special sizes can be supplied to your requirements.

Features/ specifications

  • Can be used for wet or dry operation.
  • Supplied with 65 mm deep food pots.
  • The double skin construction consists of an inner tank and an outer body with cool to the touch stainless steel panels. Manufactured from 18-10 grade stainless steel.
  • The all round extended lip allows for easy to drop-in bench mounting.
  • The overhead quartz halogen lamps, which provide the heating and lighting, are mounted within an insulated stainless steel canopy.
  • All units will take up to 150 mm deep food pots.
  • The heating element is thermostatically controlled.
  • All models operate on a single-phase power and are supplied with 2 metres of cable and a 15-amp plug.

Bain Marie Hot Cupboard

The range of Bain Marie Hot Cupboards is designed to hold hot food at the optimum temperature whilst it keeps plates hot.
Seven standard models are available and special sizes can be custom built to your specifications.

Features and specifications

  • Separate thermostat controls for both the Bain Marie and Hot Cupboard.
  • Available in manual fill and drain or auto fill and drain, which can be connected directly to plumbing services.
  • All units will take up to 150 mm deep food pots.
  • Heavy-duty rust proofed steel frame construction.
  • All units are double skin insulated and the doors are top-hung on roller bearings. The doors are removable for cleaning.
  • Panelled internally and externally with 18 -10 stainless steel.
  • Gatronorm 65 mm deep food pots are supplied with each model.

Commercial Dishwasher

The SSS-750 is a fully automatic dishwasher, washing up to 750 plates per hour.

Features/ specifications

  • Four wash programs - 60,80, or 120 seconds that include a 10 second rinse. There is also a manual wash cycle that is ideal for washing utensils.
  • A large door opening enables the machine to wash large plates.
  • Counter balanced spring-loaded hood, which makes the machine easy to open and close.
  • A safety switch instantly stops the machine if accidentally opened.
  • Rinse temperature thermostatically controlled to 82oC.
  • The two-pump system ensures constant pressure during the wash and rinse cycles, regardless of mains water pressure.
  • Water consumption is approximately 3.5 litres per cycle.
  • The SSS-750 can be easily installed in a pass-through or corner operation.
  • Electrical rating: Three phase machine total load 5.6 kW (10 amps per phase)
  • Electrical rating: Single-phase machine total load 4.8 kW, 20 amps.
  • Height: 1425mm
  • Width: 590mm
  • Depth: 600mm
  • Est. Weight 80kg

Commercial Glass Washer

The SSS-30/30 Commercial Glass Washer is a fully automatic machine with the ability to wash 30 x 200mL glasses every 30 seconds.

Features/ specifications

  • Wash Cycle: hot wash with a hot rinse.
  • An additional cold rinse can be selected after the hot rinse at the flick of a switch.
  • A large door opening enables the machine to wash tall glasses.
  • Hot water that is internally boosted by a 3300-watt element and thermostatically controlled to 82oC.
  • Fully automatic detergent dispenser integrated in wash cycle.
  • Basket size is 445mm x 365mm and will hold 30 x 200mL glasses or 24 x 285mL glasses.
  • The SSS-30/30 is suitable for under counter or freestanding installation.
  • High performance pump ensures constant water pressure.
  • Electrical requirement: Provide 15-amp single-phase outlet (3.5 kW).
  • Height: 670mm to 820mm
  • Width: 495mm
  • Depth: 550mm
  • Est. Weight 35kg

Charcoal Chicken Rotisserie

Charcoal Chicken Rotisseries are designed to cook chickens that retain their juices, whilst imparting the aroma and taste of charcoal cooking.

Features/ specifications

  • A stainless steel charcoal-cooking pit that has a surface of heat resistant cement to maximise heat transfer.
  • Supplied with 12 spit rods, plus 7 centre and 2 end skewers per rod.
  • Will cook 7 chickens (size 14/15) per spit or 8 chickens (size 11/12) per spit.
  • The Rotisserie is mounted on castors, enabling it to be moved for cleaning.
  • Storage cupboard, with sliding doors.
  • Supplied with a rake, charcoal masher and poker.
  • Electrical requirement: Cable and plug supplied for connection to standard 10-amp power supply.

Heated Mobile Vertical Food Transporters

The Vertical Food Transporters is a mobile cabinet that is ideal for keeping large quantities of food, plated meals, or plates hot.

Features and specifications

  • The Full Size unit is supplied with 7 wire racks; will accept 17 racks.
  • Each rack holds six 230 mm plates.
  • As an alternative, the cabinet can hold 34 (65 mm deep) full size gastronorm food pans.
  • The Half Size unit is supplied with 4 wire racks; will accept up to 7 racks.
  • Cabinet holds 14 full size gastronorm food pans.
  • The heating element is thermostatically controlled.
  • Humidifier tray designed to prevent food from drying out is supplied with each unit.
  • Control panel includes temperature gauge, thermostat and pilot light.
  • 125 mm diameter castors, two with brakes.
  • Fan forced models are available as an option.
  • These models operate on a single-phase power and are supplied with two metres of cable and a 10-amp plug.
  • Height: 1815mm
  • Width: 660mm
  • Depth: 760mm
  • Est. Weight 130kg

Under Bench Heavy Duty Commercial Dish Washer

The SSS-500 is a fully automatic front-loading commercial dishwasher designed for under bench installation, with a capacity to wash 500 plates per hour.

Features/ specifications

  • Two wash programs of 120 and 180 seconds each, which includes a 10 second rinse cycle.
  • A large door opening enables the machine to wash plates up to 320mm in diameter.
  • Rotating upper and lower wash and rinse arms ensure that the maximum pressure reaches all surfaces.
  • Rounded washing compartment allows easy cleaning.
  • Water consumption is approximately 2.7 litres per cycle.
  • The SSS-500 operates on a single-phase power and is supplied with a cable and 15-amp plug (3.45 kW).
  • Height: 820mm - 850mm
  • Width: 598mm
  • Depth: 593mm
  • Est. Weight 65kg